• My first Mickey Mouse scene!

  • Tap-dancing football players?    Sure, why not?

  • "WHAT?! You didn't work on this! Why do you have it in your portfolio?!"

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  • A couple of personal exercises... just to keep the cobwebs out.

  • My humble beginnings...


    ...and the 8th highest worldwide grossing film of 2007. (WOO-HOO!)

  • The return of the hand-drawn Disney feature, and my first experience working in-house at The Mouse.

  • Strangely enough, it's one of my most "popular" projects.

    Never heard of it? Click on the logo.

  • Currently playing in the Mexico Pavilion at EPCOT--a blast from Disney's Golden Past.

“I have always admired Todd's willingness to learn and adapt very fast to changing situations. His knowledge of both the details of animation production and the broader aspects of interdepartmental relationships would be a valuable asset to any production or company. Doing a job well is something that comes naturally to Todd. But his ability to know how his job affects all other parts of production, and his respect for that is, above all, a prime and rare asset.”
--Ralph Eggleston, Production Designer / Art Director
("Inside Out," "UP," "The Incredibles," "Finding Nemo," "Toy Story," "FernGully" )
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