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Todd Jacobsen Duck Dodgers Warner Bros.

  • Client: Warner Bros.

  • Work Performed: Storyboards

  • Project Date: 2003

My first full-time storyboard gig was completing the back half of the boards for “Talent Show A-Go-Go,” a 2004 episode of Duck Dodgers. In this particular show, Dodgers steals singer Tom Jones’ voice to win an intergalactic talent competition, and winds up having to fend off the romantic advances of the show’s judge — an unsavory alien queen. It was one of the shortest jobs I’ve ever had, and one of the busiest: I was given four days to draw almost 200 storyboard panels. All of the initial panels consisted of very quickly drawn staging suggestions by series Supervising Producer / Co-Director Tony Cervone, and it was my responsibility to make the boards presentable for timing and animation purposes. I couldn’t decide which sequence(s) would be the best examples of my work, and realized that posting all 100+ pages would border on overkill. So I’ve chosen two relatively short sequences for this entry.

Todd Jacobsen Duck Dodgers Storyboard


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